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Sarah Godfrey

Unfolding – How to free yourself and reframe your past. Lesson 1: Emotional Gifts.

"Unfolding is the emotional stretch we all need to become our best self."
Sarah Godfrey 2023

Do you ever get tired of reacting to other people’s emotional impact? Have you felt stuck in old patterns with people, habits that are hurtful or de-valuing? Do you blame your past for a lack of success and happiness in the present? Are you living up to your life lies or even know what they are?

Unfolding is a series of short courses to expand your potential, upgrade your emotional skills, let go of life lies and unhook from patterns that are self limiting. Patterns that create chronic self-doubt and a level of ‘stuckness’ in our lives.

Unfolding is about finding a non judgmental way to live our lives and unfold from the restrictions that bind us from our uniqueness.

Unfolding is the emotional stretch we all need to become our best self. When we achieve this we gain emotional control, authenticity and improve our lives and of those around us. We finally get the chance to move in the world, embracing our individuality and empowering others to do the same.

So, what does it take to take control over our emotions and move forward in life, with harmony and positivity?

Emotional Gift Giving.

In the first short course, Emotional Gift Giving, you will learn about emotional gift giving, the tools to change these mental messages, life lies and the impact it has had on shaping your life that you can change.

In this course, you’ll learn to:
  •  identify emotional gifts and the intention behind them,
  • uncover your own life lies,
  • learn the 4 strategies to change emotionally triggering interactions.

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