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Sarah Godfrey

Self Stories, Emotional Armies and Coping Shields. Letting Go to Grow.

Let go of childhood ways of self protecting and learn to grow the healthy adult within.

This course can be challenging. We are going to identify and recognize the impact of past experiences. This can be minor early life, emotional disruptions and mistakes that we have integrated into our beliefs about who we are, or the repercussions of trauma and abuse in childhood that has left us emotional damaged.  Based on Jeffery Young’s Schema and Mode Therapy, I have put my own twist on the process to start you on your healing journey.

  • Learn to identify your Self Stories and vulnerabilities that hold you emotionally hostage.
  • Discover what a Heathy Adult identity needs.
  • Learn what childhood Emotional Armies you have kept to protect you from your vulnerabilities being seen.
  • Learn what Coping Shield Styles you use that continue an unhealthy cycle in your life.
  • Challenge and identify your Inner Critics.