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Sarah Godfrey

Celebrating Your Uniqueness. Body Positive Program

Welcome to our Course

The “Body Positivity Program” is a transformative journey towards fostering a more inclusive and compassionate relationship with our bodies and self-image. In this course, participants are guided through an empowering exploration of emotional eating, body image, self-identity, that shape our perceptions of weight. Through a combination of insightful  content and engaging and practical exercises, you will learn to challenge harmful self perceptions, dismantle internalized biases, and embrace a more balanced approach to health and well-being. By the end of this course, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of weight positivity but will also acquire practical tools to promote body acceptance, self-love, and a more inclusive self identity that celebrates the uniqueness that is who you are. 

Finally you can watch and listen to best selling author Lunaria Gaia talk openly about her own battle with self body shaming and shaping to find happiness until she discovered how to find her weight positive truth.

The Body Positive Story

Body or Weight Positivity is a philosophy and mindset that champions the idea that people of all body shapes and sizes should be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. It rejects the harmful stereotypes and stigmas associated with weight, emphasizing that one’s worth is not determined by the number on a scale. Body positivity encourages self-acceptance, promotes body diversity, and challenges societal beauty standards that often perpetuate discrimination and low self-esteem. It’s about embracing the concept that every body is unique and deserving of love and care, irrespective of its size or appearance. Body positivity fosters a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and self-image, ultimately aiming to create a more inclusive and compassionate world where individuals are empowered to prioritize their well-being and happiness over societal pressures to conform to unrealistic ideals.

My Story


As a psychologist for over 23 years, I have had many clients who  grapple with body and weight-related issues, self-image concerns, and confidence issues. My role is rooted in providing compassionate and comprehensive support, deep understanding of the psychological triggers and motivators and tools to move forward and become a well being. I strive to create a safe and nonjudgmental space where clients can explore the complex interplay between their emotional well-being and their relationship with food, body image, and self-esteem. Through evidence-based strategies, insights and empathetic guidance, I help individuals unearth the underlying psychological factors that contribute to their struggles. My goal is to empower clients to develop healthier perspectives about their bodies and themselves, fostering self acceptance and self-compassion. Together, we work on building resilience, improving self-confidence, and equipping them with the psychological tools needed to make sustainable, positive changes in their lives, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and balanced sense of self.

And then there is my own body positive journey that began as a competitive gymnast and was ramped up by being a freckly redhead in a sea of blonde and bronzed friends. The positive social and peer influences that led me to believing thin was my own way of being accepted and admired became my way to overcome my pale skin and colouring. It wasn’t until I put on weight (after 3 children and a career change that meant I spent my time sitting!), that I realized how invisible being bigger made you, how the compliments stop and how  unimportant all that was in the scheme of things. I found I liked being a redhead and the difference it gave me. It was liberating to discover I liked myself just as I was and still am!

Finding the “I” in your weIght positive identity.

We all have a very unique relationship to our selves. Sometimes that uniqueness can get lost when we try to get healthy and accept a body positive approach. Between social influences and our own perspectives the ‘I” in how we relate to our weight, how we each show up and celebrate being alive and well, can get bruised and distorted over time.  This course is developed and designed with your own personal wellbeing indictors, cognitive restructuring and  interpersonal road mapping to allow the implementing and adapting of the program growth path to tailor your  purpose and goal. The design provides a value compass to steer the pathway forward, on a continuum of personal growth, mental fortitude and emotional understanding of self, coping styles and your relationships with body image and food.